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What should I Wear? 

We kindly ask our guests to please dress according to the attire recommendations / dress code noted in the Wedding Weekend.

What time should I arrive?

The Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:00 pm please arrive no later than 3:45 pm.

Can I bring my little

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any children at out events. Thank you for your understanding! 

Can I bring a guest?

If your guest's name is listed on your formal invitation, then YES! Otherwise, we would love to keep the wedding as an intimate event with close friends and family.

Should I bring a gift?

The greatest gift of all is your presence on our special day. However, should you wish to contribute to our honeymoon. A wedding card can be dropped in the card box at the reception or you can find a link on our Registry.

How do I get to Napa Valley?

We Recommend booking flights into San Francisco(SFO) or Sacramento(SAC). Transportation services can be set up by your hotel or through Uber / Lyft. Please note that the trip to and from the airport can take one to two hours, depending on traffic.

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